Preference #73: Silent Treatment

A/N: Ok well I haven’t written in a while. April has been shockingly busy, but it is Preference Saturdayyy :) Let me know what you think of this .xx

Harry: “Y/N… please talk to me?” He begged taking your hand into his, as he let his fingertips gently caress your skin. You remained strong in your silent treatment, and continued to look at the TV. He dropped your hand and got up standing in front of the TV blocking your view. You glared up at him, but he stayed there. “Talk to me babe…” You were very stubborn in your ways though, but so was Harry. He jumped on top of you, and cupped your face into his huge hands. Without saying anything, he pulled you into him allowing him to kiss you fully and passionately. You couldn’t help but smile after that kiss. “YES. I made her smile.” You laughed at his excitement and he kissed you again. He knew how to make you happy.

Louis: “Y/N I swear I will keep staring at you until you look at me. You may think I’m joking but I am being serious.” You rolled your eyes, was he ever serious? You looked over to see his beautiful blue eyes wide staring at you. You held in your laughter, it was not going to work this time. To keep yourself from laughing you turned your head away again, but when you turned back he was right in front of you, “I am going to win this staring contest.” He whispered, as he held his gaze. He ran his fingertips up your arm and rested his hands on your shoulders. “I’m going to beat you Y/N… You are going to laugh.” Finally you stared back, and he moved his face closer to yours until the two of you were nose-to-nose. You couldn’t contain your laughter, “I WIN. WOOO!” Lou shouted, running around the table, “Gotcha babe.”

Liam: You heard another knock on your door, but you still refused to answer. Liam had been trying to come in for almost a half hour. About every five minutes a knock would sound on your bedroom door, but this time… There was silence. You peered over out of curiosity, to see where he had gone and you saw a tiny piece of paper being slipped under the door. With a furrow in your brow, you got up and picked up the paper. “Y/N I am sorry that I am a jerkface :( But I need you to talk to me, because you make me happy and when you don’t talk to me I am sad like I am right now. :( Pleaseeeeeeeeeee talk to me, I love you a lot. From, Liam" He was so adorable, and you couldn’t help but smile at the note, you opened the door and there he was, his arms open waiting for you to come in.

Zayn: You sat there, running your fingers through your hair. You were stuck… and you had no idea where to go from here. You had not spoken to your boyfriend in days, and you really wanted to… But at the same time you wanted to take a stand, and show him that you were mad. To try and get your mind off of things you decided to head outside and just sit on your patio. You were starting to fall asleep when you heard a faint guitar playing, you turned around and saw Zayn carrying some flowers walking up to you while he sang a song he made up himself, “Y/N…. I’m soooooo sorrrry. But I love you baby, so please forgive meeeeee, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?” You giggled at his cute display, and he handed you the flowers. You loved him, and you could not help but jump into his arms. You were the only one he wanted to be with.

Niall: You sat there with your arms crossed, refusing to speak to Niall. “Y/N what do I have to do to make you speak to me…?” You didn’t answer, you remained cross while you were laying down on the couch. He ran his hands over his hair, then he stood up and kicked off his shoes, “I know how to get you to talk to me babe.” He raised his eyebrows in a mysterious way as you became more stiff on the couch, Niall rubbed his hands together and jumped on top of you on the couch. You immediatley started laughing as Niall kept tickling your stomach making you flail all over the couch, “NIALL STOPPP.” You begged through your laughter, “Tell me you love me!” He said still tickling you, “I love you Niall!” The tickling ceased and he kissed your forehead, “I love you more.”